I am a writer, lecturer and broadcaster (that's me on the right, just in case you're wondering). I am a presenter of Analysis on BBC Radio 4, a panelist on The Moral Maze, also on Radio 4, and a columnist for the International New York Times, Göteborgs-Posten and Bergens Tidende. My last book, From Fatwa to Jihad, on the Salman Rushdie Affair and its legacy, was shortlisted for the 2010 Orwell Book Prize. My next book, The Quest for a Moral Compass, a global history of ethics, has not been shortlisted for anything, but then again it will not be published till April 2014. I publish much of my shorter writing on my blog Pandaemonium.

Photography is a passion that has become something a lot more. These days I enjoy working with light, colour and form as much as with ideas, words and metaphors.

All the photos on Light Infusion are for browsing and for buying, either as a print or as a digital download. If you buy a photo as a print, you will see a series of 'best fit' sizes for the most suitable prints given the size of the original. You may nevertheless have to crop the photo since standard print sizes do not always scale up from the digital originals. You can do the cropping yourself at checkout. If you would rather a photo was not cropped, contact me directly, and I can arrange for non-standard sized prints. Some of the photos have been taken with older, lower-megapixel cameras. To ensure that print quality stays the same, I have, on some of the photos, limited the available print sizes. If you want a photo as a digital download, contact me directly; the service will soon be available directly via Light Infusion.

If there are any problems, or you have any comments, get in touch. I hope you enjoy Light Infusion and the photos.

Kenan Malik